はじめまして、AFRICAN WEB SHOP ン・マ です。

ン・マ はアフリカの人々が儀式に使用したマスクや呪術師の道具をセレクトして取り扱う専門サイトとして2011年11月にオープンしました。





indigenous 土着
native 土着, 生れつき
local ローカル, 現地, 地元, 土着, 土地の
autochthonous 土着
aboriginal 土着
original オリジナル, 原, 独自, 奇抜, 目新しい, 土着
primitive 原, 原生, ださい, 野蛮, 土着, 原始的
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Hello, this is AFRICAN WEB SHOP N Ma.

N Ma was opened in November 2011 as a specialized site to deal in a selection of masks and tools used by African people for rituals.

We always want to upload authentic items with the theme of "indigenous".

The opportunities to go overseas (to Africa) to buy are limited. Therefore, I use the Internet as a means to compensate for this.

I buy by communicating directly with African art dealers, art auctions, and private collectors, mainly in Europe and America. We also use Instagram.

I do my buying with the sense of "the moment when our eyes meet and we fall in love" in mind, rather than from the perspective of "what will sell" or "what is valuable.

I believe that "the moment of falling in love" is the same as "eternity," even if it is a fleeting puff of smoke.

indigenous indigenous
native indigenous, native-born
local local, local, indigenous, indigenous
autochthonous indigenous
aboriginal indigenous
original original, original, originality, eccentricity, novelty, indigenous
primitive original, primitive, primitive, barbaric, indigenous, primitive
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